LILAC membership information

The Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre, Inc., is a private library. Membership is open to lesbians women-oriented women (i.e. women who form their primary relationships with women). Membership involves payment of an annual subscription, and agreement to abide by the LILAC rules regarding borrowing of books and other library materials.

Download and print the membership form (pdf 119kb) or come in when LILAC is open and fill in a form there. The form includes the Welcome to LILAC information to check that you are eligible to join! Note that you need to bring cash or a cheque to pay your subscription or do it online.

Members can also download the renewal form (pdf 135kb).

See our Location page for bus routes to LILAC.

The annual subscription rates are:

Income (gross)Subscription
up to $27,000:$20 the cost of a cheap book
up to $40,000:$40 the cost of a dvd or hardback
over $40,000:$60 the cost of a couple of paperbacks

Couples who join or renew at the same time can get a discount of $5 each on their subscriptions.

Members may borrow at any one time:

   Books:5, for 3 weeks
   DVDs, CDs, tapes:2, for 1 week
   Magazine back-issues:5, for 3 weeks

Books etc. can be reserved. The maximum loan period for books with another reserve waiting will be two weeks.

Continuation of the LILAC Annual General Meeting

The continuation of the AGM held on 17 November 2016 will take place on at 6pm on Tuesday, 28 February 2017 at the LILAC lounge.

We need as many members as possible to attend to complete this important work. Please RSVP to so we know how many chairs to borrow!


  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes of part one of the AGM for brief comment/correction
  3. Discussion/amendment/acceptance or not of the remainder of the constitutional changes
  4. Vote on acceptance or not of the whole constitution as amended.
  5. Determination of effective date of the new constitution
  6. Membership subscriptions for 2017
  7. Election of the members of the Collective.
  8. Any other important business.

Light refershments will be available.

Relevant documents:

  • Minutes of the earlier part of the meeting containing the decisions approved and other issues discussed, which has been emailed to members
  • The proposed Rules, amended to reflect decisions during the Meeting on 17 November. See the information sent to members for the key to colours and font styles.

Is your LILAC subscription up to date? - only financial members can attend the meeting and vote. Email if you are unsure.

LILAC @ the Coasters dinners

Requesting titles the books etc will be a selection on the day, but members can also request titles by emailing by the Wednesday or Thursday before the pot-luck. Check the online books catalogue which has a link to the DVD catalogue. Loan periods are one month for items borrowed at the Coaster dinners.