February Book Group:

Books with a food theme.
  • Wednesday 22 February, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • the theme is food ... fiction, nonfiction, whatever ... somewhat broadly interpreted
  • ... and there will be cake!

See the list of titles below. LILAC's catalogue on LibraryThing has more info about the books.

Foodie titles from the LILAC collection

General fiction

Avery, Ellis
The Teahouse fire

Brooke, Gun
Coffee sonata

Flagg, Fannie
Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Herring, Peggy J.
Hot check
Love's harvest

Kallmaker, Karin
Making up for lost time

Liebegott, Ali
The IHOP papers

Lynch, Katie
Confucius Jane

Ozeki, Ruth L.
My year of meat

Rawles, Nancy
Love like gumbo

Short stories

Felman, Jyl Lynn
Hot chicken wings


Kapiti Lesbian Writing Group
Midnight feast : a collection of writing by Annabel Fagan, Robin Flemming, Terry Kennaway, Pat Rosier, Barbara Simmons, Kate Torrens

Kapiti Lesbian Writing Group
Out to lunch : a collection of writing by Judith Dale, Annabel Fagan, Robin Flemming, Terry Kennaway, Pat Rosier and Kate Torrens


Hart, Ellen
Dial M for meat loaf

Children's book

Wilson, Anna; Carter, Vanda (ill.)
Want toast


Clark, Donna (comp.)
The Queer cookbook

Hamilton, Jax
Jax cooks : great food for family and friends

Jamieson, Philippa
The Wild green yonder : ten seasons volunteering on New Zealand's organic farms

Scholder, Amy (ed.)
Cookin' with honey : what literary lesbians eat

Toklas, Alice B.
The Alice B. Toklas cookbook


Easy bites : words to read with your coffee

Fitchett, Sue (ed.); Glover, Marewa (ed.); McDermott, Cary (ed.); Vickoce, Rhona (ed.)
Eat these sweet words : the New Zealand anthology of lesbian and gay poetry

and some DVDs of course

Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
A classic (124 min.)
Nina's heavenly delights
Bollywood and a curry cook-off collide in Glasgow (85 min)
What's cooking
Four families (one Hispanic, one Vietnamese, one African American, one Jewish) prepare for Thanksgiving dinner (106 min.)