May Book Group

  • Wednesday 31 May, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • song lyrics
  • ... and there will be cake and music!

The poetry conversation at the April get-together led us to thinking about the connections between poetry, spoken word artists and song lyrics. So, this month we are going to do something a bit different and delve into our favourite song lyrics in more detail. From classics like Cris Williamson to the more recent Luna Blake ... kd lang might even get included if she’s lucky. And if there’s any songwriters out there in LILAC-land you’d be most welcome to come and share your songs and thoughts with us.

Check out some of our suggestions and come to share your own favourites with the group (you don’t have to sing them – but you can if you want to!)

Cris Williamson - The changer and the changed

Ferron - Testimony

kd lang - Constant craving

Tegan and Sara - Now I'm all messed up

Mary Lambert - She keeps me warm

Luna Blake - Horizon