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Valerie Taylor 1913-1997) wrote lesbian pulp fiction in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as poetry and novels later on. Lambda Literary have a good article about her, written on the occasion of the reissue of her first novel Stranger in Lesbos

Valerie Taylor began writing during the era of lesbian pulp fiction, but she aimed a little higher than some of the authoirs of the genre. As she said in an interview ca. 1992 she said:

I thought that we should have some books about lesbians who acted like human beings... At the time, there was an upsurge of lesbian literature and it was very trashy ... So I thought it would be nice to write some stories about people who acted human, who had problems, and families, and allergies, and jobs, and so on. Those [other] early books were full of people who did nothing but leap in and out of beds, and stayed out only long enough to send the sheets to the laundry.

(from 'Valerie Taylor: writing since the 1950s and still going strong', in 'Happy endings : lesbian writers talk about their lives and work', by Kate Brandt. Naiad Press, 1993. p. 52) [LILAC's copy of this book is on the Book Group shelf, with the interview with Valerie Taylor marked.]

Novels by Valerie Taylor in LILAC:
Whisper their love (1957)
A World without men (1963)
Return to lesbos (1963)
Journey to fulfillment (1964)
Prism (1981)
Rice and beans (1989)

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