LILAC fundraiser at Circa

Circa Theatre.

Bloomsbury Women and the Wild Colonial Girl

Bloomsbury Women and the Wild Colonial Girl.

By Lorae Parry; Director: Susan Wilson

From the words of Mansfield, Woolf & friends
A witty look at love, life and literature

Starring Isobel McKinnon as K.M. and Jessica Robinson as L.M. & Virginia Woolf

"Life never become a habit to me, it is always a marvel." K.M.

Come and join LILAC and friends for a special fundraiser at Circa
Tuesday 21st August, 7.30pm - all tickets just $45 - see below

In 1908 Katherine Mansfield set sail for London, never to return.

After meeting Virginia Woolf, KM wrote: “I have nothing to say to charming women. I feel like a cat among tigers.”
Virginia’s first impressions of Katherine Mansfield were: “I’m a little shocked by her commonness… She seems to have gone every sort of hog since she was 17.”

Against a colourful background of the people and places that shaped KM’s “many hundreds of selves”, this play shows these two literary rivals developing a special relationship which defies stereotypes and gossip.

"When does one really begin a journey, or a friendship or a love affair? It is those beginnings which are so fascinating." K.M.

Virginia Woolf. Katherine Mansfield.

It would be great to see you there, we really appreciate your support!

Book now - buy your tickets:

Please deposit/transfer your ticket payment of $45 into the LILAC bank account: Westpac 030502 0030496 00 using your name and “Circa” as the reference then email to receive confirmation of your booking.

Tickets can be collected at the door from 6.30pm

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