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Introducing the LILAC LOUNGE

The LILAC Lounge is open on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm. The LILAC Lounge will offer more social, and less book-ish activities. We're aiming for a simple, and reasonably predictable monthly rotation. All members and their lesbian friends welcome

  • 9 March: Creative - zine writing. Minimal publications, nibbles of something you're passionate about, or something quirky, just art, just words, anything that you can put onto a multiple of 4 pages.
    Sue will bring some A4 paper, and we have coloured pencils and pens. If you have a preferred medium, bring it along. But the essence of the zine is that it's small and ephemeral ... more
    See a quick intro to the mechanics of making zines if you are a novice.
  • 16 March: No LILAC Lounge - time when the Lilac Collective meets.
  • Tuesdays in the Wellington Pride Festival 2021
    23 March 6.30pm: Board Games

    For Pride we are offering a board games evening with Cards Against Humanity!
    All women are welcome for this event.
    WARNING! This is an adults only event. As its name suggests, Cards Against Humanity is hilarious, and in profoundly bad taste. This event is not suitable for polite women with even the vaguest hint of sensibility. The rest of us will have a lot of fun.
  • 30 March: Music jam Ukeleles sing! Chat! - at LILAC on Tuesday the 23rd 6:30pm. Just a bit of fun, a strum (if you’re so inclined) and some songs.
  • 6 April: Games - there's been a real surge in new boardgames, and we've got a few fun ones to share

The plan for Tuesdays is:

  • Week 1: Games There's been a real surge in new boardgames, and we've got a few fun ones to share. We can also go traditional with cards, or outrageous with different cards. We've had some interest in role playing games if we can find a DM.
  • Week 2: Creative As a starter, Sue's keen to explore making zines. These are tiny, low tech magazines. They may include anything you can put on a couple of bits of A4: sketches, art, stories, humour, and poems. Being so small, they are often focused, pithy, and very engaging. A drawing tradition has developed around October. While Inktober has suffered controversy, the October drawing tradition has continued with many alternatives. Shall we do a Witchtober? Or a Lestober maybe? Later in the year, we're hoping to register for Nanowrimo if there's enough interest.
  • Week 3: No LILAC Lounge - time when the Lilac Collective meets.
  • Week 4: Music jam sessions Bring a ukulele, bring your voice, shake up a storm.

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If you have things that you want to bring to LILAC Lounge let us know!

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