January 2022 LILAC news
Kia ora

LILAC News for January 2022

Welcome to our January LILAC newsletter - Happy New Year and may omicron stay away! 

LILAC opens for 2022 this Wednesday 12th with a meeting of the Book Group from 6.15 to 7.30. We'll be featuring holiday reading, so bring along your favourite summer book to talk about. There will be chocolate!
Come visit even if you don't want to stay for the discussion, return your summer reads and borrow more books - there will be new titles ... see below. The library will be open 5.30 - 7.30pm as usual.

Activities at LILAC - we welcome your ideas and energy

There was a flurry of ideas and volunteers at the AGM for having more activities, groups and events at the LILAC Lounge to bring the space alive:

  • a communications survey
  • filming, running a friday nights drinks, or other sessions on the weekend or evening at the library
  • general tech (soft and hardware), video cutting etc. Media/Communication research, quiz nights
  • see what comes up on the collective media / promo design / communications
  • political stuff - discussion / presentations etc. Could start with why we need lesbian space
  • political discussions and practical things/tasks
  • informal writing group
  • Amazon Softball herstory

Further suggestions and offers can be sent to lilac@lesbian.net.nz. And volunteers to lead activities are welcome.

The new Collective is keen to get the place humming and make it a much more active lesbian centre for Wellington.

Just a reminder now that we are past peak end-of-year/holidays ...

A Documentary about local lesbian herstory

Sarah Gatefield, a recent arrival at LILAC who works in the movie industry, has offered to film a documentary about local lesbian herstory and she needs our help ...

Hello ladies and thank you for your interest in helping to make our LILAC documentary!

I'm very interested to know your thoughts about the topics and questions that we wish to explore, and the story that we want to tell, so I invite you to fill in this questionnaire and I look forward to reading your responses: LILAC DOCUMENTARY IDEAS QUESTIONS

If you do not have easy access to the internet, we can print off copies that can be found at LILAC, or I can go through the questions with you over the phone.

Many thanks in advance!

New books at LILAC - December and January

Billie Jean King's memoir - goodreads
NZ anthology - 69 writers! review
Muslim lesbian growing up - review
Angst with deadpan humour - goodreads
A very personal essay collection - goodreads
Fran Lebowitz! goodreads
LILAC gratefully acknowledges the invaluable financial support we receive from the Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians.

The A&A Trust  commemorates the support of Bette Armstrong and Bea Arthur for the lesbian community in Wellington. It is a registered charity that welcomes bequests and donations to enable it to assist lesbian communities in the Wellington region.

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