LILAC catalogue on LibraryThing

The catalogue on LibraryThing may not work well on mobile/handheld devices - phones, small tablets etc. Try the alternative catalogue instead.

The LILAC books catalogue is now searchable on LibraryThing. There you can search the catalogue, browse sections of it, and follow links to book reviews and discussions.

Read the introduction below if you are new to LibraryThing. And come back to it for the help section if you get a bit lost. Note that broadband is helpful but not essential. Also, LibraryThing will not be nice with handheld devices (iPhones, blackberries etc.)

Introduction to LibraryThing

Your first view when you click on our link above may look like this:

The books are displayed with the most recent additions at the top of the screen. Click on the "Author" or "Title" column headings to sort by Author or Title.

Use the LILAC search box on the left of the LILAC Catalogue page to keep the LILAC catalogue links open.

Type in a word or 2 from a title or an author name or a subject word and press enter.

With luck you will get a result ... and the screen looks different.

Ignore the search box at the top right of the screen - it will take you away from the LILAC catalogue. But if you happen to use it, back track to the LILAC catalogue before you lose it!

Hint - the initial result shown will just be titles in the collection(s) you had displayed when you entered your search. For example, if you were viewing the Humour collection and searched for "gertrude stein" you may get a result like this:

Opening the All collections may be helpful before doing a search.

Search tips:

LibraryThing help

Now for some more detail about the screen:

The Details page has enough ... detail to make a librarian run for cover, but take note of the panel on the left of the screen (shown here) which can have links to useful things like reviews, a description of the book (from and online conversations about the book by LibraryThing members.

The Work page has the same panel of links on the left, some reviews waaaay down the page, and a bunch of other stuff to divert you away from the LILAC catalogue.

LILAC's Online collection

These are titles available as full text on the internet - there is a link in the Comments field.

If the title has another collection listed, there is a print copy in LILAC as well.

Adding reviews

If you wish to add reviews on LibraryThing you first need to set up your own account on the website, and then log in. The Sign In/Join button is at the top right of the screen among the LibraryThing website stuff we have ignored so far.

Setting up an account is fairly painless - you need a unique user ID (be creative), don't need to reveal anything whatsoever about yourself, and can make your account private.

Once you have an account it is a good idea to add a few titles to your "library" - otherwise your account will disappear after a couple of months. You can add up to 200 titles with a free account.

When setting up your account Profile, paste the text below into a field:

This will give you a handy link back to the Lilac_library catalogue.

The link to the LibraryThing Help/FAQs section is at the bottom left of LibraryThing pages - try their A very short introduction to LibraryThing.

Please  email us if you have more queries about using the LILAC catalogue on LibraryThing, or any suggestions to share - we would like to improve this help page.

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