LILAC  - Wellington's lesbian library

LILAC has reopened and is operating under Delta Level 2 protocols just like public libraries.

Level 2.

Tuesdays at the LILAC Lounge is paused, and events are postponed, until we return to Level 1.

LILAC (Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre) is Wellington's lending library for women whose primary relationships are with women.

LILAC operates from a room at 187 Willis Street (2nd floor) - see the Location page for a map and bus routes to LILAC. There is flat access from the street and a lift to the 2nd floor.

Come in and look around the collection, join or renew your membership.

LILAC is a women-only space, although small children with their mums are okay.


LILAC's new online catalogue

LILAC has a new searchable catalogue on TinyCat - try it. The records in the database still need a bit of work ... but it is a vast improvement on the LibraryThing version. Author/title lists are also available for browsing.

Lesbian Tattoos exhibition

The current exhibition at LILAC is photographs of local lesbians' tattoos with brief comments from the women saying what it meant to them when they first had their tattoos done ... more on the events page. Visit during September to see the exhibition

Book Group returning

LILAC's Book Group is coming back ... in September, and we are planning to host some local authors. See the events page

New titles in LILAC

Check the new titles page for our latest additions - with links to reviews.

Current book display in LILAC: (Auto)Biographical fiction

The book display at the east end of the room (opposite the door) is a selection of (Auto)Biographical fiction - try them for some good reads.

LILAC @ the Coasters dinners

LILAC has a service at the monthly Kapiti Coasters pot-luck dinners - see the Membership page for more information.

Interviews with authors

The Interviews with authors section on our Web links page has links to interviews with authors, audio, video and text.

Sue's clippings files

LILAC volunteer Sue collects articles from (mainstream) magazines and newspapers about lesbians, fliers for events, and the like. She welcomes contributions from sources she may not usually see.

There is a pink folder at LILAC containing a sample of the clippings - the contents are changed monthly. Check it out when you visit the library ... you'll be amazed at what turns up in women's magazines these days!

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LILAC is supported by the Armstrong & Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians

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