LILAC Annual General Meeting

The twenty-fourth Annual General Meeting of LILAC will be held in the LILAC Lounge on the second floor of 187 Willis Street at 6.00pm on Thursday 14 November 2019. All members are urged to attend.

Light refreshments will be available prior to the meeting.

The 2018-19 Annual Report and Financial Report are available from the reports page. These reports together with the Auditor's report have been sent to members. Copies will be available at LILAC, but members are encouraged to bring their own copies to the Meeting.

The minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting are available here (pdf, 131kb).

LILAC is facing significant issues which we have explained in the addendum to the Financial Report. Please give this situation your careful consideration and be prepared to discuss it, with possible solutions, at the AGM.

Nominations are open for the Collective. The nomination form is available here and is also p. 5 of the Annual Report. We can have, and need, 10 to share the work. Nominations will be accepted from the floor.

This is a critically important meeting of LILAC members, we look forward to seeing all current financial members there. If you wish to attend the AGM but are unsure if your membership is up to date please check - email as we may not have time prior to the meeting to handle renewals - arrive early with cash if you need to pay!

Nominations for the Collective

The following nominations for the Collective have been rceived:
Helen Barlow
Ellen Faed
Mary Gilbert
Carole Hicks
Jenny Whyte

The Collective needs six or more members, with a maximum of 10. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting.